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Electronic Medical Records Designed Specifically for the Veterinary Specialist; Inventory, Purchase Orders and Practice Management Software

Or ...Begin with our Veterinary Edition paperless chart scanning software.

Pack Leader DVM is not only a veterinary specific technology and software solution provider, we are a veterinary specialist software solution provider.  We have designed top-end products for veterinarians including Electronic Medical Records, Inventory/Purchase Orders and Practice ManagementOur products are scalable and flexible to accommodate any size veterinary group from one doctor, one location to large multi-specialty, multi-location groups.  The investment in these solutions is also scalable to make it truly affordable from the smallest to the largest veterinary practice.


The EMR is true multi-specialty with a configuration and flow by each specialty within your practice.  Our software also includes digital imaging, scanning and drawing.  With Pack Leader DVM the exam and surgery documentation will incorporate forms, exams, consents and letters. 


Pack Leader DVM is our newest offering backed by over 30+ years experience in providing healthcare technology and software solutions. Our offering includes complete open architecture, allowing you to choose which devices you would like to use, along with where you want to store your electronic charts.  So whether you want to use tablets, laptops, or PCs, it's all up to you.  When it comes to your servers, you have complete flexibility there also.  Some veterinarians may want to store their charts in the Cloud, while others may want to store them on their own local network, the choice is completely up to you.


The bottom line is that Pack Leader DVM will team up with you, to configure the best and most complete veterinary computer solution, tailored to both your practice's budget and workflow!



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