We have listed below how our Electronic Medical Records software may increase your revenue, reduce your costs and improve your business.  You may be surprised at all of the benefits!

Increase Revenue

  • Save provider time with streamlined entry flow by type of visit
  • Save provider time with instant access to chart details over all visits by your preference with our advanced dashboard
  • Save provider time with bundles of your standards by type of procedure which link automatically to charges and inventory
  • Save technician time with electronic copy of certain details of previous visit to today's visit
  • Save all clinical time by instantly updating chart, inventory, billing and letters simultaneously
  • Increase the total number of visits per day through increased efficiency
  • No billing/charge items missed including tests performed
  • Track all follow up requests and surgery estimates to increase appointments
  • Additional exam/office space where paper records were stored
  • Improved cash flow through reengineered personnel

Reduce Costs

  • Reduced or eliminated transcription
  • Reduced or eliminated staff time pulling, locating and filing chart
  • Reduce or eliminate appointment reminder calls by utilizing Tavoca® (an automated appointment reminder system)
  • Elimination of missing information at remote offices
  • Reduction in cost of phone calls, faxes, fax paper, couriers and copies
  • Elimination of redundant patient forms information
  • Electronic consents with electronic signature capture removes the need to print out paper consents for each and every patient and the separate step to scan them in
  • Track all inventory usage to assist with vendor pricing

Improve Your Business

  • Quality of care is improved through a number of ways including tracking all provider orders for complete care
  • Clinical Studies based on any data
  • Patient Recalls based on selected clinical criteria
  • Audit proofing the practice
  • Clinical alerts based on your practice standards
  • Improved interoffice communication and patient follow-up
  • Quality assurance per type of problem following your standards
  • Remote access to patient records from remote office, satellite office and home
  • Multiple simultaneous access to the same patient chart
  • Legible, accurate charts
  • Neat, organized charts that do not deteriorate
  • Chart protection through data replication for disaster recovery
  • Technology neutral
  • Complete electronic chart including digital images & direct drawings all in one centralized chart
  • Tracking to make sure all charts and letters are signed
  • Lost documents become a thing of the past
  • Improved communication with other Veterinarians

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