Veterinary Ophthalmology Flow

Pack Leader DVM veterinary ophthalmology flow includes all of the features of the EMR.  What we are going to review here are the specific design elements which make this a true Ophthalmology only flow.  We preload all exams but you can easily change or add with our flexible configuration.


  • All of the exam entry screens will present details by OD, OU & OS visually presented as if you were looking at the animal for easy entry and logical presentation.


  • All eye related issues will be linked to an eye such as medications administered/prescribed, tests, procedures, problems, drawings, images & history.


  • Direct Drawing: You can link directly to any drawing templates for the direct draw feature such as Eyelid, Third Eyelid, Palpebral Conjunctiva, Orbit, Globe, Bulbar Conjuntiva, Cornea, Anterior Chamber, Iridocorneal Angle, Iris, Pupil, Sclera, Lens, Vitreous, Fundus.  You choose the standard color palette you like with access to any color when needed. The drawing works with a touch screen or mouse. 


  • Advanced Drawing:  We have a drawing program where you can create the template and identify locators on it.  An example would be a Fundus drawing.  The difference with this drawing program is that it is an automated drag and drop program where you select from a bank of pre-drawn images or create your own images or bundled drawings.  You simply highlight the image and place it on the drawing.  This will automatically label the drawing and create the associated documentation for the chart document and letters.  You can also bring in the last drawing and edit it instead of redrawing any issue.  Lastly, you can free draw anything special directly on this image.


  • The order of the exam and surgical procedures and the detail to which you document will flow on the screen.  This is not a basic EMR which was edited to fit Ophthalmology.  Our design actually allows us to display only Ophthalmic pertinent information.


  • All of the diagnostic and surgical procedure orders will be listed which pertain to Ophthalmology.


  • If you are a Multi-Specialty Veterinary group each specialty will have their own flow based on their log-in.  While in the Ophthalmology flow, for example, you will be able to see the entire patient's chart by date and specialty, all patient plans, notes, medications and orders.

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