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Our Pack Leader DVM veterinary software was designed to accommodate any number of users, providers, facilities and specialties.  Below are the primary features of our software.

  • True Multi-Specialty (or single if that is what you configure) software.  All clinical entry is by specialty with 1 centralized chart which is great for multiple facilities and multiple specialties.
  • Completely paperless charts.
  • Color has meaning in our new software.  You select the colors.
  • Clinical entry can be with touch screen, keyboard/mouse or built-in voice recognition.
  • One click to access any part of the chart.
  • Provider home screen to easily access charts, tasks or clinical querries.
  • Chart summary screen presenting the chart history and today's pertinent details all on one screen.
  • The clinical software comes pre-loaded with exams, letters, data points etc. but you can change or add whatever you need.  We have designed the software to allow you to make any changes without requiring a programmer.
  • Quick entry through one touch to pull in last visit's information then easily edit any changes with the pick lists.
  • The software is flexible enough to allow you to add any unique comments through direct typing/voice recognition for plan notes, progress notes, procedure notes and client education with spell check.
  • Procedure Macro to automatically enter standard clinical procedure documentation, tasks and medications per provider preferences.
  • Patient Treatment Sheet for tracking patient location, status and activities while staying at the hospital.
  • Electronic patient monitor board for managing all patients with a treatment sheet.
  • All images, drawings, documents and letters are filed in the electronic chart which is instantly accessible anywhere you log into via the Internet.  
  • Any number of people can be in the same chart at the same time.
  • Signature sign-offs are secured and a "to do" list is created to ensure all visit documents are signed.  One document is created per scheduled visit even for a multi-day stay.  The provider can review and approve the documents whenever they are ready.
  • Task tracking system makes sure all plans are followed through with each patient.
  • Tasks for patient messaging allows your staff to communicate an internal message about a specific patient which is linked to the chart.
  • Tasks for Internal practice communication not patient related.
  • Patient photo with pertinent details are displayed on the clinical Dashboard start up screen.
  • Flow by specialty and by type of visit so you only see what is pertinent to you.
  • Dashboard flow by type of visit and provider to quickly enter information on today's visit while also viewing key data over past visits which you define.
  • Electronic surgery monitoring form for medications and anesthesia.
  • Digital Imaging interface and attach any images permanently to the chart from network Import, Camera, Testing Equipment and outside image PACS system.  A drawing feature is also included.  Any images or drawings can be inserted into letters.
  • Electronic Lab Interfaces for Antech and IDEXX.
  • Medication prescribing/dispensing with allergy/ingredient warnings. Easily access medication history or re-print labels. Includes National Library Medication Database with ingredients.
  • Two drawing programs utilizing the drawing templates you select.  The first drawing program allows color drawing directly on a screen image with drawing templates you create or import.  The second drawing program allows you access to a pre-drawn issue library or bring forward the last drawing for this patient.  When you drag & drop an image onto the draw template it will also automatically document and update letters at the same time.
  • Scanning of any outside document directly into the chart.
  • Electronic consent forms with electronic signature capture.
  • Estimate software to create, save, sign and pull in estimate to the charge review screen. You select the detail to present to the client.
  • Standard inventory bundles are stored by provider for easy creation of estimate and quick invoicing.
  • Inventory is instantly updated as products are used.
  • Multi-Location Inventory Management including special facility taxes and pricing.
  • Product reordering/receiving
  • As you document the encounter, any tests or other billable items you have identified are automatically added to the charge review screen.
  • Approved charges are sent to check-out desk to apply payments.
  • Directly connect from scheduling and check-in to the clinical Dashboard.
  • Letters are automatically created with your letterhead.  You can insert any drawings or images.  The letters can be printed or sent electronically via fax or email.
  • Standard set of flexible reports with export to Excel feature.
  • Built in Query tool to create your preferred data analysis.
  • Check in screen with instant access to any functions with the patient.  Includes electronic check in/out, treatment sheet, appointment reschedule or status, patient location, demographics, quick payment, financial analysis, tasks, scanning and chart.
  • Client/patient demographics which links any number of patients to a client.
  • Electronic appointment reminder software interface (or print reminder cards)
  • Credit Card processing Interface
  • Scheduling for any number of providers and facilities. Instantly view multiple providers books on the screen. Display options for provider(s), day, week, month.
  • Financial Transactions Analysis by patient/client
  • Graphing


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