NEW Browser Based Completely Reimagined All Veterinary Specialties
NEW Browser BasedCompletely ReimaginedAll Veterinary Specialties

Electronic Medical Records

Our Pack Leader DVM veterinary EMR was designed to accommodate any number of providers, facilities and specialties.  Below are the primary features of our software.

  • Completely Paperless EMR.
  • Centralized charts with one chart per patient, great for muliple facilities and snow birds.
  • Touch screen design with detailed exam forms like the way you document on paper.  Clinical entry can be with touch screen, keyboard/mouse or voice recognition.
  • One click to access any part of the chart.
  • Chart summary screen presenting the chart history and today's pertinent details all on one screen.
  • Quick entry through one touch to pull in last visit's information then easily edit any changes with the pick lists.
  • The software is flexible enough to allow you to add any unique comments through direct typing/voice recognition, plan notes, patient notes or progress notes.
  • All images, drawings, documents and letters are filed in the electronic encrypted chart which is instantly accessible anywhere on your network.  All entries are user, date and time stamped.
  • Any number of people can be in the same chart at the same time.
  • Signature sign-offs are secured and a "to do" list is created to ensure all letters and visit documents are signed.
  • Order tracking system makes sure all plans are followed through with each patient.
  • Patient messaging allows your staff to communicate an internal email about a specific patient which is linked to the chart.
  • Patient & client photo with pertinent details are displayed on the EMR start up screen.
  • Flow and access by department (technician, front desk, provider, etc).
  • Flow by specialty so you only see what is pertinent to you.
  • Dashboard flow by type of visit and provider to quickly enter information on today's visit while also viewing key data over past visits.
  • Quick surgery entry for medications and anesthesia.
  • Problem list and a patient plan history to display specfic items over time such as orders, procedures, problems and special notes.
  • Digital Imaging interface and attach any images permanently to the chart.  A drawing feature is also included.
  • Two drawing programs utilizing the drawing templates you select.  The first drawing program allows color drawing directly on a screen image.  The second drawing program allows you access to a pre-drawn issue library or bring forward the last drawing for this patient.  When you drag & drop an image onto the draw template it will also automatically document and update letters at the same time.
  • Scanning of any outside document directly into the chart.
  • Electronic consent forms with electronic signature capture.
  • Estimate software to create, save, sign and pull in estimate to the charge review screen.
  • Standard inventory bundles are stored by provider for easy creation of estimate and quick invoicing.
  • Inventory is instantly updated as products are used.
  • As you document the encounter, any tests or other billable items you have identified are automatically added to the charge review screen.
  • Direct integration to check-out desk to apply payments.
  • Direct integration from scheduling and check-in to the EMR.
  • Letters are automatically created with your letterhead.  You can insert any drawings or images.  The letters can be printed or sent electronically.
  • All clinical details can be reported and analyzed.


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