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Michael F. Buhler, President & CEO

Pack Leader DVM



I wanted to take a moment to share with you the thought process that has propelled us on our journey to the world of veterinary healthcare solutions. After all, with our companies having over 30 years experience in the human healthcare world, this would seem to some to be a somewhat interesting turn in the road. In reality, it’s simply a logical extension of our experience, knowledge, technical capabilities and passion for providing solutions for specialty healthcare.


So when approached by a group of veterinarians, who had been looking for several years for a software and technology solution, we did what we always do. We carefully analyzed the stated goal of this veterinary practice to see if we could provide a solution.


When we found that we could in fact provide a comprehensive solution, we realized that we were face to face with the challenge which has been plaguing the veterinary world for years. The real challenge is how can a company provide top-end technology, scalable software that can be tailored to a practice’s workflow, software  implementation and support, and have that complete solution be affordable. Oh, and the solution had to be affordable across the practice size spectrum from the smallest to the largest.


The answer to the question, simply put, is that we had to be passionate about finding the right solution. I realized this passion and its power when I asked our management team their thoughts, on going the extra mile, to find the best answers and fine tuning each part of the solution process. I further realized this passion when every member of our management team talked about their pets and how enthusiastic they were to be able to work with veterinarians. They talked about their loved ones, from the knuckle headed Old English Bulldog to the champion Bouviers, to the lapdog Pug. (Pictures of our family members included in the “About Us” section of the website). While we all bemoaned how our cherished family members did not stay with us as long as we'd like, we all agreed that working with those who helped our pets would be something we would all enjoy and be passionate about. At that point, I then decided to make the commitment to provide a complete computer solution for veterinarians.


We already could provide a solution that would be technically scalable from the smallest practice to the largest multispecialty veterinary group. We also had the bulk of what they were looking for in our flexible EMR including advanced drawing.  We then observed one of their facilities and worked closely with their management team in order to clearly identify all of the differences between veterinary needs and human practice needs. The primary areas of difference are an integrated surgery center, estimates, inventory, and purchase orders in addition to many more charge items per visit.


We have spent many months making sure our software can address each aspect of the veterinary practice. We have merged our separate ambulatory surgery center software (a requirement in the human world), designed a complete inventory and purchase order system, designed a complete estimate system, redesigned the charge capture process, and formatted veterinary specific visit forms.


All of this leads us to our current reality that with the right experience, knowledge, technical background and yes, passion, you can move mountains. So with that being said, we have launched Pack Leader DVM, a truly first class EMR, Practice Management, Inventory and Purchase Order solution that has absolutely affordable price points for any size practice. We also provide complete implementation, training and support as part of this solution.


So if you have questions about technology, software or anything solutions related, whether you are currently interested in automating or not, please feel free to contact me via email and I will do everything in my power to provide you with a complete and thorough answer.


Thank you for your time today,


Michael F. Buhler

President & CEO, Pack Leader DVM


Pack Leader DVM

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