Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can we enter information into an electronic chart when the doctor is examining the animal and the technician is holding the animal?

A - The EMR is designed to be used during the encounter but you may enter information or view any part of the chart at any time.  You may decide to enter some information at the beginning and end of each visit.


Q - The doctor still wants to have flexibility to add anything to the patient's chart.  How can we still do this?

A - We have several options.  The first option is, at any part of documenting a visit, you can type in pertinent information instead of using the pick list choices.  The second option is add anything you want as a progress note which will be added to the chart document.  The third option is you can select from a list of standard patient plan notes which you have pre-defined and add to that if need be.  The last option is a patient note which can be added to the chart view but not to the documentation or letters for any non-clinical information.


Q - How do I access my charts from a satellite office?

A - As long as you have Internet access and security access to your network, no matter where your server is located, you can connect from any satellite.  If you have multiple people who travel to each satellite we have a travel kit we recommend.


Q - Can I access my charts from home?

A- Same as long as you have Internet access and security access to your network you can connect from your home any time you need to no matter which server option you choose.


Q - Should I scan in my old charts?

A - You may decide to simply scan in the last visit or several visits if your goal is to start the electronic chart.  If you need extra office space or you would like a complete historical electronic chart, then we have a great batch chart scanning solution for you!


Q - How do we implement electronic charts if one of our doctors doesn't like computers?

A- Since everyone will need to have access to charts, you have two choices.  You can either use a scribe (typically a technician who documents for the provider) for that provider or you can have that provider fill out exam forms manually and scan them in later.  The technicians and other personnel can still use their electronic sections and view any scanned documents so you will still have a complete electronic chart.


Q - When we use a computer in the exam room, with our hands touching both the animals and the computer, won't the computer get dirty?

A - There are inexpensive solutions including touch screen protectors and silicone keyboards and keyboard covers.


Q - Can I analyze my historical clinical data?

A - Yes.  Every piece of information is stored in the SQL® Database and can be analyzed at any time.  We typically use Crystal Report Writer® to design a flexible report for you.   In addition to reports, we also have SQL® Queries based on any criteria you select.


Q - Our practice is very high volume compared to other Veterinary specialists.  How will your EMR work for us?

A- Our EMR software implementation experience includes very high volume groups where providers see between 45-110 patients each per day.  We work with you to make sure the system is set up as efficiently as possible to streamline your workflow.


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