The Evolution of Our Company

For over 30 years we have been working with medical practices providing complete computer solutions.  Our experience with medical software needs has included the development of Practice Management, Electronic Medical Records, and Ambulatory Surgery Center Software.


We have installed networks from one provider at one facility to very large networks with many providers and facilities all of which utilize the powerful Microsoft SQL Server® Database.  Our software works with both basic and touch screens for quick entry and drawing.  Since our technology is open architecture you may choose from tablets to laptops to PCs or any combination. 


In 1998 we started to focus on Ophthalmic Groups since they had specific needs which were not being addressed with other EMR products.  We designed Ophthalmology EMR software which included direct color drawing on any templates, drag and drop drawing which documents and draws at the same time.  All exam entry is done by eye (OD, OU, OS).  We have also included digital imaging and quick flow by type of visit.  We have many installations of Retina Groups, which are high volume referral practices, because of the speed of our application design and proven workflow technology.


In the beginning of 2013 we decided to design an EMR to address the needs of Veterinarians  with our first specialty being Ophthalmology.  We have a fully integrated suite of products for Veterinary Practices including Inventory, Purchase Orders, Estimates and Automated Charge Capture.  Our EMR has been designed to handle any number of specialty flows.


Our company, Pack Leader DVM, is a privately held US company dedicated to providing complete computer solutions for each specialty of Veterinary Medicine.

Our Managers' Family Members

Dog Finnegan - Michael F. Buhler, President & CEO
Dexter Dexter - Tracy Brooks, Implementation & Training Manager
Dogs Kiera - Tracy Brooks, Implementation & Training Manager
Dogs Nigel - Tracy Brooks, Implementation & Training Manager
Dogs Lucy - Christopher Buhler, Market Development Manager
Dogs Moose & Murphy - Cathy Martenson, Director of Sales & Marketing

Pack Leader DVM

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