Our software design is open architecture.  Hand held wireless devices work with our system.  We do recommend some sort of keyboard access for flexibility in addition to secured network connections.  The tablet should be ideally the size of a piece of paper or at least a size you can comfortably see the chart details.




Laptop computers are very popular especially the ones with the flip top tablet design.  Many groups will utilize laptops as part of their satellite travel kit.





A standard desktop computer works very well at the front desk stations, office work stations or computers that are wired in an exam room or surgery center.  Many groups will use a combination of desktops and wireless laptops/tablets for the clinical areas.  (Remember, any number of people can be in the same chart at the same time.)  You might also want to use a touch screen monitor in the exam areas so you can draw on them or do other quick viewing and entering of clinical information.






To insert a patient or client photo into the chart, you can either scan in a photo or use a webcam like this Logitech® model which clips to the top of a monitor at the front desk check-in to take the photo.





Our software is open architecture so any voice recognition software can be utilized.  The most popular is Dragon® Voice Recognition (Medical).





Scanners are used for any outside chart documents such as referral letters or charts from other Veterinarians. They are also used for converting old paper charts to electronic format, any printed photos or images from old equipment, client ID cards, and any manual forms or consents.  Any TWAIN WIA compliant scanner will work.  We recommend Fujitsu® scanners such as the fi series since they take up very little desk space, are fast and can handle duplex and offer other advanced features.






You can use any printers you like.  Printers are typically used for receipts, statements, reports and patient chart summaries.




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