Pack Leader DVM Group Buying Program

We have put together a Group Buying Program to get great prices for products and services for Dermatology and Ophthalmology Veterinary Specialists.


The goal of the buying group is to create a large grouping of specialty doctors to give select vendors buying power from their suppliers which will allow them to give you even better pricing just like a very large veterinary group.


The buying group preferred vendors were selected for their great pricing and services.  The analysis we have done so far shows monthly savings of 10-17% for Merchant Service Fees and up to 40% on certain Medications, Products and Compounded items if purchased other than the preferred vendors.


This specialty buying group is being offered FREE to all Veterinary Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists, even if you are part of a multi-specialty group.


In order to join this group you do not need to have our veterinary specialty software.  If you are interested in us providing a free review of financial benefits specific to your practice email us at We will work with you and take your actual current costs to show you specifically what you can expect to save.  Please also contact us if you would like to simply join without providing us your products and pricing information.


Your questions answered:


Can I buy from whomever I want?

Yes.  This is a preferred list with vendors with great pricing and services.  If you prefer to buy elsewhere you are not restricted from doing so.   There is no minimum amount you have to buy either...the value to the vendors is through the total orders of all of the practices combined together as a group.


What if I have additional products and services I would like to see if I can get discounts on?

That is part of what we can do to help you even more.  Call or email us the products/services along with who you buy from now and the price you purchase at so we can research what alternatives you may have.



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